Excellence in Revenue Management

Robust Innovation delivered by expert people, supported by superlative tools and resources drives performance.

Comprehensive Tools

PEAK, our proprietary tool, encapsulates accurate forecasting, efficient pricing,  proficient planning and engagement, and is what fuels the core of Hilton’s Revenue Management.

  • PEAK’s automated budget tool is formulated from historic trends, increasing productivity by allowing you to simply edit, rather than create budgets.
  • PEAK Rapid Response Review is a short-term strategy communication that provides owners with a concise, clear picture of hotel performance gaps, including an outline of the situation, strategies to close gaps, and future performance expectations.
  • GRO is Embassy Suites’ next generation revenue management system that dynamically creates and updates forecasts using advanced analytics. It optimizes prices, inventory, and overbooking daily, and also implements optimal controls directly into the rate and inventory system.
  • Demand 360 and Hotelligence 360 work together to holistically forecast REVPAR index performance and facilitate confident planning through market insights.
  • We use Optimal Mix to leverage historical data to establish performance targets and to set future expectations for the property, uniting corporate support groups to take advantage of the full power of the Hilton Commercial Engine with customized design and deployment plans to guide hotels to achieving the best mix.

Qualified People

Our Regional Director of Revenue Management support model facilitates high-level connectivity with Hilton’s commercial engine.
A comprehensive depth chart of support behind the Regional Director team includes people and resources dedicated to specific areas, including distribution channel analytics, competitive analytics, pricing innovation, revenue management training, change management, and more.

Our experts deliver robust innovation, supported by superlative tools and resources that drive performance.

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“Quick to respond to our needs and concerns and a valued partner in our growth strategy.”

“We find Hilton to be very open and understanding to our ideas, our goals, objectives, what are our performance measures, what's important to us.”


“Hilton’s real key attributes are they’re completely owner centric, they're focused on your success and driving profitability and a great experience for the guest. ”


“When I think about Hilton as a manager, the first word that comes to mind is excellence. Excellence towards their customers, towards their guests, towards their owners.”